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Junior Church 

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  On Sundays during school term time, we have three groups during the 10 o’clock morning service, to which all children are welcome to join:

- for children under 3, meets in the Parish Centre
Sunday School
- for children age 3 up to school year 1 (age 5-6), meets in the Monastic Workshop
Sunday Gang
- for children in school years 2 and 3 (age 6-8) meets in the Parish Centre
Sunday Club
- for children in school years 4 to 6+ (ages 8+), meets in the Parish Centre

We all start the service together at 10am, with children sitting with their parents. After the first hymn, the children are specially welcomed and sent to their groups with the Leaders. (Parents can come too, if children would like them to!)
The children are brought back in to rejoin the service in time for the Communion or Blessing with their parents.
Towards the end of the service, they are invited to the front to show us something they have produced together; or to explain what they have been talking about.
Afterwards, there’s a chance for everyone to get together for a drink and biscuit and a chat.

All Age Services
The exception to this pattern is the first Sunday in each month, when we usually hold an All Age service at 10am – intended for everyone to join and enjoy.
Do come and join us.
All are very welcome.