Family Easter Egg Trail

Join us this week for a family day out with our Easter Trail around the Abbey grounds. 

As lockdown restrictions lift ever so slightly, allowing for 2 households or groups of 6 to mix outdoors, we are providing a free Family Easter Trail around the Abbey grounds. 


2 seperate trails for 3-6 year olds and for 6 years + take you on a journey through the Easter story whilst hunting clues around the Refectory Garden, Cloister Lawn and more.

For older children, read the clues situated along the trail, fill in the words on your map and come up with a new word - give this word back to the stewards and you will receive your knitted character with a choolate egg inside. 

For little ones, fine the letters around the same trail to spell out a word, hand this word back into the stewards to receive your knitted character with chocolate egg.


The Easter Trail will be open at the following times: 

Monday 29th March: 11am - 2pm

Tuesday 30th March - 11am - 2pm

Wednesday 31st March 11am - 2pm

Thursday 1st April: 11am - 2pm

Friday 2nd April: CLOSED

Saturday 3rd April: 11am - 2pm 

Sunday 4th April: 12pm - 2pm 


We will also have for sale knitted bunnies for you to take home, handcrafted wooden eggs and various cakes throughout the week. 

The trail is completely free, we welcome donations and have contactless donation points available in the Cloister Porch if you would like to donate to the Abbey at the end of your trail. 


Knitted characters are subject to availability, every child will receive a chocolate egg but we can not guarantee our knitted characters will stay in stock as it is incredibly hard to predict numbers at this event. We have a few hundred characters and we hope this will be more than enough for everyone!

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