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Friends of Hexham Abbey Music 

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"Friends of Abbey Music plays a vital role in supporting the continuing choral and musical tradition of the worshipping life at Hexham Abbey. Grants from the 'Friends' support this tradition and so contribute to the music that lifts up our hearts and minds. Please consider joining me in becoming a 'Friend' and supporting our work."

The Revd. Graham Usher
Rector of Hexham Abbey

Who are we?  What are we trying to achieve? (- recently this -)

FOHAM is a registered charity set up to raise money in order to maintain the Abbey's musical excellence.
Objectives include:
- Helping to maintain the services of a professional Director of Music and an Assistant Organist.
- Providing choral and organ scholarships.
- Sponsoring vocal training workshops for the choirs.
- Promoting performances featuring Abbey musicians as part of their musical education.
- Encouraging wider musical activities in the Abbey.
- Offering some free starter music lessons to choristers

Musical Excellence

The music team is headed by the Director of Music and includes a Men and Boys Choir, a Girls Choir and a Chamber Choir.
There are currently four choral services each week during school terms as well as music for special services and occasional concerts.
The Abbey Choir has travelled abroad in Europe, appeared on TV & Radio and recorded CDs (Available in Abbey Shop).

History Music in Hexham Abbey

The Abbey was founded in the 7th century by St. Wilfrid. Its musical tradition began with his successor St. Acca. This great bishop obtained from Canterbury a singer to teach the monks and enrich the worship of the splendid Saxon church.
In the Middle Ages an Augustinian monastery occupied the site with much of the architecture now incorporated in today’s Abbey Church. This attracts not only a large and lively congregation but also thousands of visitors annually.

Musical Life in the Abbey

Music plays an important part in the regular worship of our Abbey and the community life of our town.
The organ, designed by the distinguished American builder Lawrence Phelps and installed in 1974, is considered to be one of the country’s finest organs. It is featured in concerts and recitals by national and international artists.
The grand piano is an important resource for more informal services, concerts and chamber music.
An annual highlight is the Hexham Abbey Festival in September. This is independently run and provides a platform for high calibre concerts. The Candlelight Concert sung from the Night Stairs is a memorable feature.

The Benefits of Membership

As a regular supporter of the Friends you will receive an annual newsletter and a free ticket for a concert in the Abbey followed by a reception. Friends of Abbey Music receive details of forthcoming events with advance booking facilities and discounts for the festival.

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In the Abbey every Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm during term time.