Planting Week

Big changes in the garden as the new beds are transformed by an abundance of planting.

Lots has happened since the last post about Prior Leschman's Garden.  There has been a great deal of behind the scenes snagging and refining works to ensure the raised stone beds are just right.  A meeting took place with a newly formed 'Garden Team' who met to introduce themselves to each other over a cup of coffee; discuss the garden and the planting.  It was a really lovely time when a group of wonderful people came together to willingly volunteer to be part of this project.  The role of volunteers in the life of the Abbey really cannot be underestimated, and it was humbling to listen to their motivations and reasons for becoming involved. It became clear very quickly, that 'community' was at the very heart of this group.  They are a very friendly bunch and if you would like to become involved do get in touch with Kirsty Wills, our Volunteer Manager who would love to hear from you about this, or many other volunteering opportunities at the Abbey.

Anyway...lots and lots of plants went in.  All specially selected to suit the conditions of the site and provide year round colour, texture and interest.  We are still waiting for a few more of the monastic herbs, Mike wanted just the right ones and didn't settle for anything less!

Cafe customers have already been enjoying the new vista and it has been wonderful seeing people engage and interact with the new garden.  If you've not seen it yet, why not come along and see for yourself...our pictures can't capture all the lovliness!

Planted up!

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