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Hexham Abbey

Hexham Abbey Project 


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Welcome to the Hexham Abbey Project

The Hexham Abbey Project aims to develop the Abbey and its adjoining former monastic buildings as a welcoming place which draws people in to participate, to learn and to be inspired, not only about the Abbey itself but also about the major role that this remarkable building has played in the development of the town of Hexham and the Christian heritage of the North East.

We propose to do this by taking advantage of a once-in-nearly-500-years opportunity to acquire the adjoining Carnaby Buildings. This forms a major part of the former monastic complex, which was lost to the Church at the time of the Reformation in 1537, and we will refurbish them to allow greatly improved access to the Abbey’s fascinating heritage and provide a much needed resource that will significantly enhance:

  • the facilities available for use by the congregation and local community;
  • the experience of the many visitors who come to the Abbey, the town of Hexham and the wider region.