Hexham, Noyon, Metzingen: Three communities remember the individual choices made during World War I and reflect on the decisions we face 100 years later...

The 'Voices & Choices' exhibition was displayed in the Abbey for a fortnight in November 2018; it was sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please see the original exhibition flier by clicking here.

Below are details of the special events that took place during the opening and over the fortnight.

Events on Saturday 3rd November 2018, from 10.30am
Launch of 'Voices and Choices' exhibition
Opening of the exhibition which reflects the experiences of WW1 as seen through the eyes of soldiers and civilians from the twinned towns of Hexham, Noyon and Metzingen
‘The Abbey during the Great War’
Dr Christine Seal, Dr Tom Kelsey and Hugh Dixon from the Abbey’s Conservation team will relate items in the collection to life around the Abbey as war progressed. There will be valiant knights, a rector determined to complete the furnishing of the church with its new nave, a false dawn, skilled wood-carving by a Belgian refugee, sad losses and the ‘Cheer Up’ Club.
‘The Abbey’s West Window’
Chris Britton of the Abbey’s Conservation team will explore the very personal story of two of the many Hexham families who lost sons in the war and their connection with the great West Window which was dedicated exactly a hundred years ago to the day – just eight days before the armistice.
Rededication of the West Window
The Rector of Hexham Abbey, Dagmar Winter, will conduct a short and simple service of rededication.
‘For whom the Bell Tolls’
Talk by Clive Moon (Hexham Abbey Guild of Bellringers) about the ‘date touch’ of 1918 changes, to be rung to commemorate William Summers, a Hexham Abbey bellringer killed in action on 10 Sept 1918
William Summers 'Date Touch' Peal
The Abbey’s bell-ringers will ring 1918 changes on 10 bells, expected to last for an hour and a quarter.
Lecture on Thursday 8th November 2018
‘A different kind of courage’
A talk by Andrew Greaves about Corder Catchpool and his experiences during the war, first as an ambulance driver on the Western Front and subsequently as an imprisoned conscientious objector.
Vigil on Saturday 10th November 2018
Hexham Remembrance Peace Vigil
A time for quiet reflection on the tragedy and devastation war causes, and our continuing human struggle to find alternatives to war as a means of resolving conflict. Organised by Hexham Quakers, it will feature contributions by representatives of local churches and other faiths, interspersed by periods of silence. All are warmly invited to take part, for just a few minutes or for longer.
Service on Sunday 11th November
Service of Commemoration to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice
Ecumenical County Service with the Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland, Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland, led by regional church leaders Sermon: The Bishop of Newcastle

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