Click and Collect Jam!

This year, our usual jam sales will be done a little differently. From the list below, please email your order to the Parish Office and collection will be available on Saturday 5th December between 10am and 2pm outside the Parish Office.

This year we are going to operate CLICK AND COLLECT.

Here is a list of all the jams we have available for you to order

Please have a browse a share the list with as many people as you like. 

Once you've chosen, please email you choices to the Parish Office (, please title your email ‘jam order’). Orders will be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis. If we run out of what you want please indicate yes/no if you will accept substitutes of our choice. YOUR ORDER MUST BE E-MAILED BY FRIDAY 4TH DECEMBER AT 5PM.

ON SATURDAY 5TH DECEMBER from 10am until 2pm you can collect your order from beside the Parish Office. Everything will be bagged with your name on and will be handed to you.

Payment will be made on the day. Please note that we cannot give change because of the pandemic. There will be a box on site, so please place your cash/notes in it on the basis of a price of £3 per jar or £3 for 2 little jars.

The nominal price of a jar is £3 or £3 for two little ones. If we run out of what you order, please indicate whether or not you are willing to accept a substitute. Because of the pandemic we will only be able to take cash and coins, and will be unable to give change. We would be very grateful if you would pay on the day, and perhaps add a little donation as it's for Abbey funds. We would be enormously grateful.

From the Jam Fairies with love.