Extension on the East End Masonry Works

As work continues on the masonry work at the East End of the Abbey, it has been discovered that additional work will need to be completed to secure the safety of the stonework.

Our contractors are continuing with the masonry and pointing works at the East End of the Abbey. Following the initial cleaning of the stonework, we have now been able to take a much closer inspection of the condition of the masonry together with the Abbey architect. It has become clear that there are further masonry replacement works than was originally planned that would be sensible to do whilst the scaffold is in place. We have now agreed these works with the Architect and Contractor, so the scaffold will have to remain in place until 28th October to complete everything. To illustrate some of the conditions of the stonework the photographs at the top of the page show cracks in the partly dismantled pinnacle that requires a new stone top and the waisted stonework at the top of the column that needs a new indent to maintain its load carrying capacity.