Royal Visit

Hexham Abbey was delighted to host a visit from The Prince of Wales!

Hexham Abbey hosted a visit by The Prince of Wales on Wednesday 12th September 2018.

The Prince's visit came as the Abbey launched its new charity, Hexham Abbey Heritage Development, aimed at protecting the building’s long-term future. Among the charity’s objectives will be to help raise funds for a new roof and support the conservation of its unique medieval panel paintings which date back to the 15th Century; the collection is one of the largest and best preserved in the country (click here for more info on the panels).

During his visit to Hexham, His Royal Highness was greeted outside the Abbey by Rector of Hexham Canon Dagmar Winter, before being taken inside to meet staff and volunteers who gave him a tour.

Rector of Hexham Canon Dagmar Winter said: "It was a huge honour for the whole town to have The Prince of Wales visiting us, and a very special day for Hexham Abbey as we introduced him to the Abbey and its remarkable treasures. His Royal Highness's visit was a fitting launch for Hexham Abbey Heritage Development, focussing on a sustainable future for our heritage: renewing the roof of the Abbey and conserving our extraordinary medieval painted panels."

She remarked: "In its over 1,300 year history, Hexham Abbey has been a cathedral, a priory and a parish church – and always at the centre of Hexham, especially for significant family and community events, seeking to be a place of hospitality and welcome to all."